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A photo of Gene Manuel of AIG

Get recognized as a Now Creator

Learn how Gene Manuel is killing it as a Now Creator—and getting recognized for it.

Meet Gene – A Now Creator
Gene Manuel is a Now Creator and has been a senior business analyst for 20 years. Currently, Gene has brought his vast experience to Cask. Over the years, he’s managed an organization’s overall ServiceNow infrastructure and provided guidance and best practice approaches to integrating ServiceNow with business processes. Gene has used a wide variety of ServiceNow’s modules, including ITSM, Agile, CMDB, Asset Management, and GRC.

After working with another company’s platform for most of his career, Gene feels that working solely with the Now Platform is a move to “the winning team.” Since ServiceNow is such a comprehensive and holistic platform, he knew he had a lot to learn in the beginning.

“What’s unique about the Now Platform is its adaptability and flexibility,” Gene says. After hands-on experience with many of the top vendors in the IT service management market, he’s seen a range of established tool sets with good features and functionality—but many don’t have the technology and user experience that today’s businesses expect from a cloud platform.

Gene’s had great success implementing ServiceNow digital workflows quickly and says the platform “delivers a solid technical framework for ITSM, ITOM, HR, GRC, and other modules [with] guidance and knowledge to support these modules through a wide variety of methods and processes.” He continues by saying, “ServiceNow has one of the most versatile community ecosystems that I’ve seen in the many years that I’ve been in this space, with both ServiceNow resources and customers contributing a wealth of knowledge that is quite impressive to see and experience.”

Setting goals as a Now Creator
Gene’s experience in learning a new platform used to be a “free-range, trial-by-fire” experience with no baseline he could measure himself against. But being a Now Creator, Gene says, “tells me where I can start, which certifications I need, and what paths I can take. The big thing is the path. Being a Now Creator means having a defined way to learn.”

Once he discovered Now Creators, he started immediately boosting his Now Profile, following the path designed for his role, and earning Super Badges along the way. By being a Now Creator, Gene learned ServiceNow best practices through content on the Customer Success Center and discovered the Value Calculators, which helped him learn how certain products can deliver more. Now, as a Now Creator, he continues to set goals and plan his next career steps—and to gain the skills and knowledge that help him in his job.

Back when Gene first started as a ServiceNow business analyst, Now Creators didn’t exist, so he started with Now Learning and began working through the learning paths aligned with his role and earned certifications. His immediate goal was to earn his Certified System Administrator certification and use that as a base to build additional experience and certification with other skills, including ITSM Implementation and Asset Management. To expand on his knowledge and gain an understanding of the platform from a practical viewpoint, Gene joined Now Community and started attending ServiceNow events, like the Innovation Workshop, Now at Work, and his local SNUG. Networking with colleagues and other professionals provided valuable insight and feedback from others about how they use ServiceNow in their environments.

Getting recognized for his skills
According to Gene, there are two types of ServiceNow users: those who are brand new to either ServiceNow or to digital workflows and don’t know where to start, and those who are “old-school, sometimes cynical users.” Gene suggests new users start as Now Creators because they can find a path to follow. The “old-school” users often believe that certification doesn’t really matter. He suggests they become Now Creators, too, telling them, “You don’t even know—you may have already completed some of the steps toward earning a Super Badge, and now you can be recognized for it.” Gene also adds, “Experience doesn’t mean you should stop learning, the platform will continue to evolve and grow, so stay relevant and stay engaged. Keep things fresh, otherwise you may find yourself trying to catch up and missing out on features and functionality that will be in demand.”

Gene is so excited about everything he’s learned as a Now Creator that any time he sees an opportunity to learn more, he takes it, whether that’s attending and speaking at Knowledge, going to SNUG events, or any other ServiceNow events. Being a Now Creator has made work easier for him. “When you learn what’s possible with the Now Platform, you don’t have to keep doing things the same old way. "

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"I definitely see being a Now Creator as a way to build your career."
–Gene Manuel
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Being a Now Creator is a perfect way to learn, grow, and showcase your skills and knowledge. Whether you are brand new to the world of digital workflows or an old pro…jump on these opportunities to learn and grow as a Now Creator!

Gene Manuel

Business Analyst